Don Huff has been providing fresh and informed strategic insight for over 30 years related to the environment, energy, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and natural resources.

Don is sought after for his ability to rapidly and seamlessly integrate his knowledge of media relations, government relations and technical issues to generate successful campaigns and outcomes. He provides advice to politicians, executives, lawyers, environmental organizations, trade associations and First Nations.

Don has provided strategic counsel and media relations planning for key decision makers such as: the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, the former Deputy Premier and Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, the Executive Director of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association, and Ontario’s First Chief Energy Conservation Officer.

Don has his finger on the pulse of the energy, sustainability and environment industries – from community issues to industry trends to national headlines. His encyclopaedic knowledge of the media landscape combined with his insight into community dynamics enables Don to tailor messaging that resonates with the target audience.

Knowing how to effectively reach into a community means that Don can help identify and reach opinion leaders, engage local media, and shape public opinion. Here’s how:

• he recently helped a client in Midland, Ontario bring a local land use issue to national attention – a campaign that generated over 5,700 letters of concern about a proposed development project.

• he raised the profile of a new initiative launched by the Ontario Automotive Recyclers’ Association by generating over 75 news stories in major newspapers, TV outlets and radio programs across the country.

Don has experience and well earned insights into issues faced by First Nations across Canada. Don provides strategic and communications counsel on northern land use planning matters to First Nations. His experience includes developing strategy and launching the first Aboriginal rights-related class action lawsuit, which was tied to wild salmon in British Columbia. He was instrumental in the delivery of several Aboriginal energy conservation programs, such as the Conserve The Light conferences – successful gatherings that engaged First Nations and Métis communities across Ontario.

Don’s experience includes Conservation Director of Federation of Ontario Naturalists, President of Sierra Club of Eastern Canada, founding staff person of Environmental Defence Canada, Legislative Analyst at Queen’s Park, and a secondment to the Minister of Energy and Infrastructure’s Office in the lead-up to passage of the Green Energy and Economy Act.

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