Clients choose ECO for our targeted and creative solutions. This is especially true when it comes to complex environment and energy issues.

ECO works with clients to ensure their messages resonate with the desired audience through the appropriate channels. With our clients, we work to develop communications strategies and deliverables using well defined goals based on clear budgets.

Here are some services ECO provides:

Campaign Planning & Execution

Our experience, from a technical and strategic outreach perspective, is specifically suited to drive results. ECO has a proven track record of delivering and implementing campaigns that raise our clients’ presence and achieve their goals. We deliver winning campaigns, often with tight timelines and on issues that do not always begin with the perceived “popular” support.

Event planning

ECO runs events at both national and local levels. We understand community dynamics and target specific media using multiple channels to deliver messages that drives results. Our staff handles your event from concept development right through to its successful implementation.

Clients also benefit from our pre-event media/spokesperson training. By anticipating the “tough questions” that reporters and communities ask, our clients can stay on point and deliver the appropriate messages in these stressful settings.

Media Release Distribution

When we distribute your media releases, ECO focuses on the regions and markets where your message will resonate. We have an in-depth understanding of the political, economic and social settings that are necessary to develop regionally tailored messages and effectively disseminate them. At ECO we develop and distribute over 500 media advisories and releases each year.

Custom built databases and specialist knowledge of trade publications and their markets means that whether you are reporting to shareholders, voters or donors, your message will get delivered.

Our database includes:
• North American wide and overseas
• Magazines and trade publications
• News websites and blogs
• TV and Radio
• Magazine

Crisis Communications

With years of experience under our belt, ECO has coached clients through numerous urgent situations. Staff at ECO constantly monitors news and events and notify you if there are changes to your industry. Then we work with you to quickly assess the situation and come up with the best plan to cushion impact to your organization.

Digital Media

ComScore, a global leader in measuring the digital world, shows that Canadians spend 45 hours each month online – more than anyone else in the. To capture this audience, digital media now plays a large role in many organizations communications plans.

At ECO we understand what it takes to build engaging digital strategies and the roles different social media platforms and digital advertising plays.


ECO has extensive experience purchasing strategic and tactical advertising vehicles. We appreciate both “broad” and “narrow” approaches delivering awareness and exposure as well as targeted tactical results.

Creative Services

ECO has a trusted network of creative staff, both in-house and contract suppliers, who design for websites, email campaigns, online advertising and traditional media.