The delivery phase of “Mana-cha-toon Wash-ti-ni-gun,” or “Conserve the Light,” Energy Conservation Kits began on Sept. 7, 2007 at Thunder Bay Airport. The Conserve the Light project is an Energy Efficiency & Conservation Measures for Aboriginal Communities (EEMAC) program funded by the Ontario Power Authority.

ECO undertook all phases of the project’s media relations, which was covered by local and Northern Ontario media, First Nations media and the Canadian Press. The project involved sending 23,000 Conserve the Light kits to over 100 on-reserve First Nations communities in Ontario, including fly-in communities. Each kit included easy-to-install compact florescent light (CFL) bulbs, faucet aerators, pipe wraps, fridge and freezer thermometers, a low flow shower head, an outdoor timer for Christmas lights or your car in the winter, and other devices that would result in immediate reductions in energy use.