The Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance prepares the National Energy Efficiency Report Card every two years. CEEA scores 14 Canadian jurisdictions on 9 parameters, including how the jurisdiction supported activities such as energy efficiency and public outreach, the existence of public/private partnerships to support energy efficiency and responsiveness to energy efficiency issues in key legislation, such as building codes and energy efficiency acts. The report also examined whether the government led by example and how it regulated the energy market.The complexity of the data and the number of jurisdictions involved presented special challenges.

ECO’s responsibility was to organize a media conference in the Charles Lynch Studio at the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa. The Ottawa media conference was the focal event for the 2008 national release and achieved National coverage. ECO supported the event by managing appropriate media relations activities with mainstream and specialty news outlets, and provided full logistic support including French translation.

The success of the media coverage is attributable to taking complex information from multiple jurisdictions and a sophisticated scoring protocol, and making it easily understood.