The BOMA Toronto’s Conservation and Demand Management Program (BOMA CDM) was launched in the 416 Area Code in 2007 for the purpose of increasing the participation of buildings over 25,000 square feet in energy efficiency initiatives.

In late 2008, BOMA CDM management identified that new approaches and ideas were necessary to improve program participation. ECO was engaged to develop a “program refresh.”

ECO immediately initiated an enhanced outreach campaign to more aggressively insert the BOMA CDM message into the marketplace. This was started in Q2 2009 using a combination of newspaper and trade publication advertisements, focused e-mail, sales seminars and earned media press releases tied to success stories.

In Q3 2009 ECO, working with BOMA CDM staff began the next stage with a more comprehensive effort to identify areas and “verticals” which offered opportunities for deploying the BOMA CDM Program. Tactics used included developing and deploying a “Feet on the Street” sales force, aggressive paid media marketing (including newspaper, trade journals, radio, online) , sector specific sales seminars and special events, all continually supported with earned media efforts and press releases.

The results were gratifying – BOMA CDM since engaging ECO has had consistent “month over month” and “quarter over quarter” improvements in megawatts saved. The attached chart shows the trend and performance.

The above chart shows reduction in electricity use commercial buildings over 25,000 square feet in Toronto through the BOMA CDM Program.

With the Green Energy Act’s provision of Local Distribution Companies (LDC), BOMA CDM is poised to continue its work in the 416 with Toronto Hydro. The successful methodology and approach used by BOMA CDM is scaleable and can be replicated for other Ontario LDCs. ECO is proud to have contributed to the success of the BOMA CDM Program and continues to work with them.

BOMA CDM Testimonial

“ECO is a highly valued partner. They have been crucial to BOMA CDM success in delivering energy conservation to commercial real estate clients over the last two years.

ECO brought a unique balance of experience, fresh ideas, and thoughtful strategic analysis to the BOMA CDM Program.

ECO’s assistance in sales team development, strategic counsel, marketing, media relations, both earned media and advertising, trade shows and special events management has been invaluable. ECO made a huge contribution to the CDM Program’s success”.

Bala Gnanam
Projects & Operations