Don Huff

Don Huff


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Don Huff has 30 years of experience working in the environmental, energy and natural resources sectors.

Don provides strategic counsel and government relations services to decision-makers and opinion leaders on energy, environmental, green business, natural resources, and land use issues. His greatest strength is his ability to seamlessly integrate media relations, government relations and technical issues into successful awareness campaigns.

Don has abundant knowledge of issues regarding the energy sector in Ontario, and has provided strategic counsel and media relations planning for energy conservation leaders such as George Smitherman (former Deputy Premier and Minister of Energy and Infrastructure), Kristopher Stevens (Executive Director of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA), Peter Love (Ontario’s First Chief Energy Conservation Officer) and Gord Miller (Environmental Commissioner of Ontario). In September 2009, Don acted as the media relations expert for the Conserve the Light Gathering, a conference involving Ontario First Nations communities and energy efficiency.

Don is active in providing government relations services to SunEdison Canada, who recently expanded operations in Ontario because of the province’s Green Energy Act. Don has a proven track record and uses his expertise to liaise with government officials and achieve results. Don is also working with OSEA in promoting its 2nd Annual Community Power Conference, which shares information about community power, FIT and MicroFIT, with conference attendees.

As President of Environmental Communication Options, Don provides insightful, hands on leadership on a wide-range of projects, including:

  • Designing and implementing successful advocacy and environmental relations campaigns for businesses, environmental and conservation organizations as well as trade associations in Canada and the United States
  • Overseeing the writing, distribution and successful placement of hundreds of media releases each year
  • Supplying First Nations with strategic counsel and media relations services
  • Developing communication strategies for First Nations in Ontario and British Columbia
  • Supplying expert communication counsel for plaintiffs in class action lawsuits (National, Ontario and British Columbia)
  • Organizing countless press conferences across Canada, including events at provincial and federal legislatures

To help increase the reach and exposure of all communications efforts, Don developed a network of over twenty specialty “wire services.” These specialty wire services are largely related to energy, natural resources, environmental, sustainability, green lifestyle and technology issues. Examples include:,,,, and

Previous positions Don has held include: Conservation Director of the Federation of Ontario Naturalist /Ontario Nature, founding staff person of Canadian Environmental Defence, President of the Sierra Club of Eastern Canada, and Legislative Analyst at Queen’s Park for the Ontario Liberal Caucus.

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